Red Clay Series

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Sawyer Tinker Surges to Senoia Red Clay Victory


Red Clay Series

Sawyer Tinker Surges to Senoia Red Clay Victory

Sawyer Tinker raced to his second-career Red Clay 602 Late Model Series triumph in as many weeks with the triumph on Saturday night at Senoia Raceway (Senoia, Georgia).

Tinker topped the 23-car field for the victory. He was followed across the finish line by Braxtin Barber, Jake Green, Cade Walston and Payton Stevenson.

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Red Clay 602 Late Model Series
Senoia Raceway (Senoia, Georgia)
September 25, 2021 Results

A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. T21-Sawyer Tinker[3]; 2. B1-Braxtin Barber[7]; 3. 41-Jake Green[10]; 4. 25W-Caden Walston[13]; 5. 4-Payton Stevenson[9]; 6. 0-Olivia Gentry[22]; 7. 97-Dustin Smith[19]; 8. 29-Mike Weed[6]; 9. 12JR-Jamie Nicholson[12]; 10. 2-Ryan Davis[17]; 11. 8W-Blake Wright[16]; 12. 27-Chad Marchman[21]; 13. 37-Joel Gordon[23]; 14. 11-Jay Cromer[8]; 15. 4P-Jacob Parris[2]; 16. 711-Morgan Alexander[11]; 17. 66-Taylor Cole[4]; 18. 198-Jay Coen[20]; 19. 14-Cade Brookshire[1]; 20. 25-Tate Nichelson[14]; 21. C71-Carson Nicholson[5]; 22. D22-Daniel Brewer[15]; 23. 22-Alan Brewer[18]

Qualifying 1 (3 Laps): 1. 14-Cade Brookshire[5]; 2. T21-Sawyer Tinker[9]; 3. C71-Carson Nicholson[4]; 4. B1-Braxtin Barber[8]; 5. 4-Payton Stevenson[11]; 6. 711-Morgan Alexander[12]; 7. 25W-Caden Walston[2]; 8. D22-Daniel Brewer[10]; 9. 2-Ryan Davis[6]; 10. 97-Dustin Smith[7]; 11. 27-Chad Marchman[1]; 12. 37-Joel Gordon[3]

KRC Power Steering 5th place: Payton Stevenson
Knowles Race Parts and Bodies 6th place: Olivia Gentry
Bennett Excavating Fast Qualifier Award: Cade Brookshire

Submitted By: Clint Doll

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